The Life of a 28 Handicapper...

The Life of a 28 Handicapper...

The Life of a 28 Handicapper is hard work for a golfer! You have the rounds where you think you've cracked it and you know what you are doing and then Jesus Christ, everything falls apart! It feels like this might be the first time you've ever swung that goddam golf club, but we keep on coming back.

The Shanks

Now for anyone who has suffered from this golf illness, I feel your pain. The ability to hit a golf ball directly right is an art, almost a skill until you do it in front of people watching you on the first tee. Golf is a beautiful sport, but there are so many margins for error. It doesn't feel like any other sport as there is so much that can go wrong and does at times! 

Like anything, practice is the key! I've spent hours down the golf range, in the net and practising at home and it still takes time to get the handicap down. 

Have an aim

Like anything, you need a realistic goal to work too. There is no point playing off 28 in February and saying you want to play off 12 by the end of August. Golf is a hard sport! If you don't set something realistic that you can stick to, you will give up as you won't think you're improving. By the end of August 2020, I aim to be playing off 18. Anything better than that is a massive bonus. If you try to be too hard on yourself and you don't get near your goal, you will give up. Be realistic, and you'll be happier when you achieve that goal.

Count every goal shot!

We've all played with the golfer who isn't the best at adding up and what is the point. There's no point bragging about how you broke a hundred when in reality you shot a 110. This will only deflate you on the next round when you score a 105, and in fact, you have improved, but because of lousy counting skills, you think you're getting worse. Make sure you count every golf shot as it will help you in the future. Make sure you take no mulligans, and you count your golf score correctly as it will help you in the future. 

The Golf Clubs

Make sure your golf equipment suits your style. Don't play with clubs that are too long or too short as you will struggle to master the sport. You wouldn't play with football boots that are three sizes too big so don't play with golf clubs that are 1/2 too small. 

Golf Clothing

Make sure your golf clothing is correct, you need to be wearing a golf polo to get on most courses, so kit yourself out with an Off The Centre golf polo to make sure you look good on the golf course.

Play golf all year round

It is essential no matter how good, or bad you are at golf that you try to get out all year round. If you stop playing November - February then when you start playing again in March you will struggle to get back into the swing of things. I've made sure I have played and practice golf all winter long as otherwise at the standard I am at I'd struggle to get my golf game back on track. You can view videos at to see how good and awful the shots are and the type of weather I get out in to try and improve. 

Enter golf competitions

If you're a member of a golf club, then make sure you enter competitions. It is a strange feeling but teeing off on the white tees rather than the yellows always adds extra pressure. You're playing the same golf course, but in a competition it makes you focus that little bit more. Playing competitions is also a great way of meeting new people at your course, which will encourage you to play more.

The golf journey

Make sure you follow my golf journey on Instagram and on this blog to see if I can hit my target of playing off 18 by the end of August. Compare your journey to mine and have lots of interaction to help the journey continue.


Remember to Be Seen, Be Different


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