The Importance of Putting

The Importance of Putting

Many amateurs or higher handicap golfers don't understand the importance of practising putting regularly. Many spend time down the driving range practising how to "rip" a drive 250+ yards, but that is all in vain if you still three-putt from 8 foot. 

If you look at an average 18 hole golf course being a par 72 and every hole allowing two putts, then you are meant to take 36 putts every round to play to level par. On the logic that 50% of your golf shots are putts, it doesn't make sense only to practice 5 minutes before you start your round of golf.

Putting is the shot that doesn't allow for error.

Every golfer has been in the situation when they have hit a driver off the tee badly but still manage to get 200+ yards on it. It's the same as thinning an iron; your outcome can still be quite favourable. Think how many times you have hit a putt wrong and left yourself a 10-yard putt back, it's hard to recover from that situation. 

It's interesting to look at the PGA Tour Putting Average, then to compare it to your own putting percentages.

  • Putts made from 3 foot: 99.42%
  • Putts made from 4 foot: 91.43%
  • Putts made from 5 foot: 80.72%
  • Putts made from 6 foot: 70.21%
  • Putts made from 7 foot: 60.6%
  • Putts made from 8 foot: 52.86%
  • Puts made from 9 foot: 46.38%
  • Putts made from 10 foot: 41.25%
  • Putts made from 11-15 foot: 30.1%
  • Putts made from 15-20 foot: 18.3%
  • Putts made from 20-25 foot: 12.47%
  • Putts made from 25+ foot: 5.45%

A lot of amateur golfers will get annoyed when they don't sink a putt from 10 foot when you consider that PGA Tour Pro's only made 41.25% then you start to understand that the likelihood of an amateur golfer making them is very slim. 

Next time you're playing a golf round while you record your overall score also make a note of how many putts you make each round. If you can consistently beat that, then your overall score will start to fall a lot quicker than if you spend all your time practising your driving. 

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