The Importance of Practicing Golf

The Importance of Practicing Golf

Why Should I Practice Golf?

Everyone who has played golf can tell you that it is a sport that doesn't come naturally to the majority of players. With so much margin for error in a golf swing, you need to make sure the fundamentals are correct to play a good game of golf.

We have all been in the position where giving up seems like the only logical answer, but you hit that one sweet shot and decide to give it one more go! The issue with many golfers is they turn up at the course 5 minutes before tee off, and their first shot is on the first tee, which they expect to go 250+ yards straight down the middle.

If you want to start getting your golf handicap down, then you need to make sure you practice before each round! Going to the golf range isn't as exciting as being on the course, but if you make sure you are practising the shots you struggle with then when you get back on the course you will be sure to improve!

With your Off The Centre golf clothing on, you will look the part, but without a decent swing you won't get that handicap down to where you want it to be.

Make sure the next time you are down the golf range, you aim at a target with a clear vision of where you want the ball to end up in mind. It is pointless going down there and hitting the ball without knowing where you want it to land. Golf isn't all about the distance of your shot, but more about the ability to get the golf ball into an area in which you intended.

With your best golf outwear on and some practice down the range you will be sure to get your handicap down in no time.

Remember golf is all about having fun, but no one has fun hitting the ball along the floor for 18 holes!

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