Never Compromise Playing Golf: Winter vs. Summer Golf Outfits

Whether you play golf in public or in private, never settle for less. Style and etiquette should never be compromised when it comes to playing golf and wearing golf polo shirts. Nevertheless, playing golf is fun, and being fully prepared for the game can help you get an edge over the opposition. Various golf polo shirts online, accessories and tools are available to complete your golf equipment package despite the weather. Regardless of summer or winter, you can flaunt a unique style at your golf course.

Here’s What to Wear to Golf in Hot, Humid Weather

It’s very challenging to play golf in scorching weather. Wearing clothes that keep you fresh while adhering to the golf dress code rules will not restrict your swing. Both male and female golfers have many options to choose from:

Polo Shirts

Cotton polo shirts can be a perfect option in hot weather, but the sweat can make the fabric heavy and cause it to stick to the skin. Fortunately, some brands are labeled explicitly as moisture-wicking. These are designed from cotton yarn that has been treated to absorb less sweat and dry quicker.

Pants and Undies

If your golf course permits you to wear shorts, then wear loose ones to allow air circulation. Choose a lighter color and a brand that features synthetic construction to move the sweat away from your body. Underwear made from breathable or moisture-wicking fabric will keep the skin beneath dry and cool.


Hats/Caps offer you style and protection from sunlight. You can choose the hats with moisture-wicking fabric and technologies that make the fabric reflect the harmful rays coming from the sun. 

Here’s What to Wear to Golf in Winter

If you are passionate enough not to let the cold temperatures keep you off from the course, then these clothing options are for you:

Polo Shirts

While you shop for golf polo shirts online, never forget to buy a lightweight insulated jacket that keeps the wind off your back. Knitwear jackets are also the right choice as both of these can give you the freedom to make moves.


Though layering is not recommended in hot weather, it would be best for winter. Wear thermals beneath your polo shirts and add a layer or two of lightweight, waterproof clothes. 


It is advisable to wear golf boots rather than the standard golf shoes. They are waterproof and zip shut, designed to play golf in cold winters. 

To Wrap Up

Never let your passion for golf go in vain. Keep yourself prepared beforehand for all types of weather by shopping all the accessories and essentials online. 

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