Golf Course & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Golf Course & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Golf courses are now experiencing their toughest times, with the summer months coming and the clubs unable to allow golfers on the course in the UK. The outlook for some courses is bleak with them unable to earn extra revenue through food and drink and many members being on furlong and not paying fee's as the course is not open to play.

How can I help my local Golf Course

If you have the money to pay your monthly fee's, then look at it as an investment rather than throwing money away. Most golf courses throughout the UK will not have a high-profit margin, and with them losing 600 lots of members fee's a month, it won't be long until they find themselves in a struggling situation. 

If you want to return to golf with a golf course in good shape, then they need to retain as many groundkeeper staff as possible to maintain the course while no one is playing.

Not everyone will be in a situation where they're able to pay the £60+ fee's a month, but if a golf club can get a percentage of their members paying, then the course will stay in good shape. If you're worried about what is going to happen with your golf course or what your options then give your Club Security a call to find out what your options are.

Stay Safe

We want to remind all our customers to stay safe and follow social distancing measures. The quicker we are all able to do so, the faster we will find ourselves back on the golf course enjoy the summer sun.

Remember to wash your hands, and when you find yourself back on the course, make sure you have your favourite golf polo with you. Make sure you can Be Seen, Be Different.

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