Golf Clothing Etiquettes to Follow for a Unique Style Statement

Golf Clothing Etiquettes to Follow for a Unique Style Statement

Golf has a strict dignity, and everyone is aware of the same. Whether it’s about following the game rules or wearing clothes at the golf course, you need to be disciplined and strict with what is guided by your golf course. The clothing is one of the most prominent parts of the dignity of the golf, more than any other game. Most golf courses have restrictive dress codes, and some expect you to follow golf clothing etiquettes that require particular attire to play. This helps players adhere to a specific protocol that further helps maintain the game’s traditions. 

It’s always a great idea to check with course management about the club’s dress code for a better play. Dressing ideally is often considered common courtesy in the golf. Every golfer should know what’s expected at the golf course and here are some golf clothing etiquettes to follow:


You can choose golf shirts available in different colors and patterns. The green golf polo shirts make you looks unique and can be easily paired shorts, chinos, or denim, to give different looks according to different locations. Check for a collar while selecting golf shirts as they should always be worn with a collar. Choose shirts with a breathable material that allows sweat to evaporate. Cotton shirts may cause discoloring in shirts around sweat-prone areas of your body. T-shirts are very less likely to be considered as golf-attire and can only be allowed at some public golf-courses. 

Pants and Shorts

When it comes to wearing shorts with the polo shirts, you can choose between shorts extended to the knee area and slacks but with belt loops. They cannot be soccer shorts or drawstring shorts. For the color choice, you can go for cream, beige or grey with blue polo shirts. Cotton shorts, probably khaki, are a common choice. Similar material can go for golf pants, but many golfers would love to wear pants made of water-resistant material that don’t have cuffs. Jean or jean shorts are not available. 


There are no strict rules related to wearing colors on the course; plaid and colorful clothing are also welcomed. However, it's familiar, and everyone prefers to wear accenting outfits. You can choose colors like grey, blue, green white and can pair them with shorts accordingly.

Golf Shoes

You can choose from the following to wear for your golf practice.

  • Steel Spikes
  • Soft Spikes
  • Spike-less

Most of the golf courses no longer allow metal spikes as they can damage the golf green. If you wear golf shoes, do remember to bring a divot repair tool to fix any holes you make on the course.

Choose your golf apparel and accessories wisely so that it could fit your golf course rules and help you become a confident and decent player on the course. You can buy green golf polo, shoes, hats, pants, and other golf essentials at online stores without any hassle. 

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