Golf Ball Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Golf Ball

Golf Ball Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Golf Ball

Did you know carrying a good golf ball is a huge determinant to a successful game? Well, golf balls are designed to meet different needs. There are those designed for beginners while others for pro level golfers. Before you go shopping for a golf ball, you will need to get a good grasp of the golf ball anatomy and this is what this article is all about. We will share with you some insights to help you find the right golf ball. 

The Anatomy of the golf Ball

Before you purchase a golf ball, you first need to learn what makes up a golf ball. Familiarize yourself with major parts like the dimple, the cover and the core. If you are a beginner, a two-piece golf ball is a perfect companion. The two-piece golf ball made up of the cover and the core only is designed to allow slower swing speeds. It has a larger core and a thicker cover, which controls the spinning and movement making it easier for you. The multilayer golf ball, on the other hand, has a thinner cover and core. This allows faster swing speeds. It is designed to elevate control making it perfect for advanced golfers.

The cover of the golf ball.

Looking at the cover of the ball is also quite important as it determines the durability of the ball. Remember golf balls are not very cheap thus you want to get value for money by investing at balls that will last longer. There are mainly two covers, Surlyn and Urethane. Golf balls made with Surlyn are durable but spin less, while those made with urethane are softer but less durable with a relatively faster spin. 

The color of the ball

This is another great factor to consider while purchasing a golf ball. Color is not just a matter of personality but a great component is you are considering extra pace or play. Choosing a colored ball allows you to track the ball by keeping you focused on the most important color in the course. Easy tracking of the ball means increased speed and faster play. This is a huge factor for avid golfers who value distance.

The compression of the golf ball

You may have heard of the word compression used in the course. It refers to the hardness or softness of the ball. You should choose a golf ball with average compression. A golf ball that is too hard can’t compress and create a rebound effect. A ball that is too soft is more or less a waste of the energy created from the swing. The best way to find the right compression is to understand your swing speed. Experienced golfers with fast swing speeds can choose the higher compression balls. Beginners with slower swing speeds can go for the lower compression balls that create a spring effect. This allows you to gain distance. 

Tip: Test different balls available at the course to determine the one that works best for your game. 

Price of the Golf Ball. 

Again good golf balls can be quite expensive and finding the one with great features can weigh down your pocket. You can always try to advantage of offers online or in stores where you can get yourself a quality ball at a good price. 

Final thoughts:

Other than these aspects discussed you might also want to look at the performance and customer reviews especially while purchasing online. It will help you pick the right ball among the many options in the market. Remember, a selection of golf ball is that essential especially for beginner level golfers.


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