Golf Is Back To Normal

Golf Is Back To Normal

Golf is back to normal with four balls now being allowed and golf club competitions now being played regularly. It is now essential to make sure that you support your local golf course! With them missing out on months of bar, food and subs income, they may be starting to struggle for cash flow, so if you can stay after a round (where you can be socially distance between friends,) please make sure you do. 

We all hope that a national lockdown won't happen again so our local clubs can stay open and try to recoup some of the lost funds, but they need us to do our part! We were discussing in a previous blog when golf would return, and we are all lucky that is has done so so quickly. Make sure you enter as many competitions at your golf club, wearing your new Off The Centre golf polos.

Golf is lucky that it is a sport that benefits from being outside and allows social distance to occur very easily. Please make sure when you are playing you keep your distance and don't touch any flag sticks or remove them! Many golf clubs have removed bins to eliminate the risk of spreading COVID-19, so make sure while you're on the golf course you don't litter! Take it home with you!

We hope everyone is enjoying getting some exercise and being on the golf course. Remember to get some practice in down your local golf range and make sure you do all this while wearing your newest Off The Centre golf apparel.  

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