Golf Tips

  1. Golf Is Back To Normal

    Golf Is Back To Normal

    Golf is back to normal with four balls now being allowed and golf club competitions now being played regularly. It is now essential to make sure that you support your local golf course! With them missing out on months of bar, food and subs income, they may be starting to struggle for cash flow, so if you can stay after a round (where you can be socially distance between friends,) please make sure you do....

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  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Off The Centre Update

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Off The Centre Update
    Even with all the uncertainty in the world due to coronavirus, we are happy to say we are open as normal.....
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  3. When will golf return to normal?

    When will golf return to normal?
    When will golf return to normal is a question, all of us are asking ourselves. With the weather since lockdown being perfect for golf it is just a shame we're unable to get ourselves on the golf course. Social distancing is vital to help combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and that's why the government have felt it is necessary to shut golf courses. ....
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  4. Golf Course & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Golf Course & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Golf courses are now experiencing their toughest times, with the summer months coming and the clubs unable to allow golfers on the course in the UK. The outlook for some courses is bleak with them unable to earn extra revenue through food and drink and many members being on furlong and not paying fee's as the course is not open to play...

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  5. The Life of a 28 Handicapper...

    The Life of a 28 Handicapper...

    The Life of a 28 Handicapper is hard work for a golfer! You have the rounds where you think you've cracked it and you know what you are doing and then Jesus Christ, everything falls apart! It feels like this might be the first time you've ever swung that goddam golf club, but we keep on coming back...

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  6. The Importance of Putting

    The Importance of Putting

    Many amateurs or higher handicap golfers don't understand the importance of practising putting regularly. Many spend time down the driving range practising how to "rip" a drive 250+ yards, but that is all in vain if you still three-putt from 8 foot.....

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  7. The Importance of Practicing Golf

    The Importance of Practicing Golf
    Everyone who has played golf can tell you that it is a sport that doesn't come naturally to the majority of players. With so much margin for error in a golf swing, you need to make sure the fundamentals are correct to play a good game of golf....
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  8. Golf Ball Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Golf Ball

    Golf Ball Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Golf Ball

    Did you know carrying a good golf ball is a huge determinant to a successful game? Well, golf balls are designed to meet different needs. There are those designed for beginners while others for pro level golfers. Before you go shopping for a golf ball, you will need to get a good grasp of the golf ball anatomy and this is what this article is all about. We will share with you some insights to help you find the right golf ball.......

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  9. Top Exercises to improve Your Golf Swing Power

    Are you struggling to hit top distances and reduce handicaps on the golf course? Chances are your golf swing isn’t right! You are not alone though as many golfers especially the beginners tend to struggle getting a proper golf swing. Some even end up hurt trying so hard. If this is your current predicament, then this article is for you. We will tell you how you can improve your golf swing power with the right training regimen....

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  10. How to play golf for Beginners: Tips to Get Your Started

    Want to learn how to play golf? Perhaps you even want to be a professional golfer someday and maybe earn a living from it. If you are a beginner, then the game can appear a bit complicated, especially finding your way around the rules, gear, equipment etc. Well, this article is here to help! We have compiled a quick guide to help you learn how to play golf for beginners....

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