Golf Clothing

  1. Before You Buy, Know the Difference between Polyester and Cotton

    Before You Buy, Know the Difference between Polyester and Cotton

    What better than being comfortable and relaxed while you play your favorite game on the field. To choose stylish attires for events and special days, you have some top known stores and brands that give you a wide variety in styles and material as well. Whereas, sport attires always covers the meek area of the society.

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  2. Why Shop at Off The Centre?

    Why Shop at Off The Centre?

    With the number of options on the internet for golf clothing, you might find yourself asking the question of why you should shop at Off The Centre. With our range of stylish golf polo's, you will find yourself in good hands when ordering from us....

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  3. How to Buy Classy Polo Shirts on your Budget

    How to Buy Classy Polo Shirts on your Budget

    Various golf accessories and tools are available that will complete your golf equipment package and it’s essential to know which ones to add to your bag. Along with the finest quality multicolor polo shirts, you can gain an edge over your game by shopping for golf jumpers, jackets and trousers, shorts, t-shirts and much more. Style has always been a big part of golf, along with changing trends.....

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  4. Never Compromise Playing Golf: Winter vs. Summer Golf Outfits

    Whether you play golf in public or in private, never settle for less. Style and etiquette should never be compromised when it comes to playing golf and wearing golf polo shirts. Nevertheless, playing golf is fun, and being fully prepared for the game can help you get an edge over the opposition.

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  5. Golf Attire Etiquette

    Golf Attire Etiquette

    Golf is quite possibly one of the most proper sports in existence. With its mannerisms and formalities, upscale golf clubs and dress codes, golf requires a combination of skill and etiquette. While there are some courses where proper golf attire is not required, most top level courses do require specific golf attire if you are going to play the course....

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