Coronavirus (Covid-19)

  1. Golf Is Back To Normal

    Golf Is Back To Normal

    Golf is back to normal with four balls now being allowed and golf club competitions now being played regularly. It is now essential to make sure that you support your local golf course! With them missing out on months of bar, food and subs income, they may be starting to struggle for cash flow, so if you can stay after a round (where you can be socially distance between friends,) please make sure you do....

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  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Off The Centre Update

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Off The Centre Update
    Even with all the uncertainty in the world due to coronavirus, we are happy to say we are open as normal.....
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  3. When will golf return to normal?

    When will golf return to normal?
    When will golf return to normal is a question, all of us are asking ourselves. With the weather since lockdown being perfect for golf it is just a shame we're unable to get ourselves on the golf course. Social distancing is vital to help combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and that's why the government have felt it is necessary to shut golf courses. ....
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  4. Golf Course & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Golf Course & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Golf courses are now experiencing their toughest times, with the summer months coming and the clubs unable to allow golfers on the course in the UK. The outlook for some courses is bleak with them unable to earn extra revenue through food and drink and many members being on furlong and not paying fee's as the course is not open to play...

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