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  1. 5 Tips For An Effective Golf Warm Up Routine

    5 Tips For An Effective Golf Warm Up Routine
    Did you know that a proper warm up before teeing off can dramatically improve your golf scores and make you a better golfer overall? In fact, a proper warmup is essential for peak performance in any sport and golf is no different. Still, most amateur, as well as some experienced, golfers never take the time to warm up properly, instead, focusing on improving other aspects of their game in hopes of significant improvement. However, if they would just warm up first, they will find that even practicing their technique will seem a lot easier...
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  2. 4 Autumn Golf Tips

       For many golfers, autumn is just another season and a chance to improve their game. The fact that the weather is getting colder doesn’t slow down the die-hard golfer, it just means taking a few extra steps before hitting their favourite course and perhaps changing their strategy up just a bit......

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  3. The New Major Golf Schedule

    2019 saw the new major tournament schedule for professional golf.  The four major events are The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship. In 2018, The Masters was at the beginning of April, the US Open in mid-June, the Open Championship in mid-July and the PGA Championship in August.....


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